Case Study

Pixel Technologies – Develops software and hardware for lifts, communications and response systems.

Pixel Technologies

The Challenge

The last five years have been difficult. Although the market opportunity was growing, Eral Aykutyan (founder and Managing Director of Pixel) was spread too thinly across all aspects of the business. In order to grow, he knew Pixel needed to bring new products to market more quickly. He also knew he had to stop micro-managing, but wasn’t sure how to let go, or how to motivate and empower his staff and managers.



The Approach

Founder, Eral Aykutyan, and two senior executives participated in the Growth Modules via the ANZ Business Growth Program, a three-day, three module program that extended over a nine month period. Eral described Growth Module 2 (navigating growth) as –?“the perfect place to train new managers”, and left the session with a better understanding of why he needed to have a mission and vision, clarify his values, and create a plan.

Recognising a need to change company culture and cease micro-managing, he started by hiring a CEO he felt he could trust—someone he’d known for quite a while, who shared his vision, and whose values matched his. This appointment let him begin to delegate. Eral also decided to build a new manufacturing facility to increase the speed and efficiency of getting products to market.

Growth Module 2 made him realise the value in aligning the organisation with the plan, communicating the direction and progress, and making sure the financial, operational and personnel systems were in place to support growth.


The Outcome

Eral said the Growth Clinic and Growth Modules enabled him to understand what he needs to do in order to grow the business. He has new strategies for growth and now appreciates the importance of having the right people in the right roles.

During the first six months of the program, the company’s turnover increased by almost 30%.? Employees are more motivated, more optimistic, and are contributing ideas about how to grow.

The new manufacturing facility is almost complete, and the company is exploring additional strategies for growth, including acquisitions.

Eral now believes the company can grow much larger than he had ever imagined before undertaking the Growth Modules.