Meet our Growth Experts

Learn from the experience of successful CEOs/MDs who have started, grown and exited companies just like yours. Our experts understand the growth journey, and work with you to help you take your business to the next level.

Our Growth Experts are carefully selected, current and former CEOs/MDs who have experienced the full life-cycle of one or more growth companies. They teach and facilitate our structured programs and are passionate about helping other business owners learn what you need to know to achieve your growth goals.

Using their own experiences and insights gained through starting, growing and exiting their own companies, the Growth Experts review your prep-work, teach, facilitate discussion, provide feedback, and help you develop your company’s growth plan.

During the Assessment Clinics and the Growth Modules, they work with individual CEOs/MDs and members of their executive teams to recognise the issues that are blocking their company’s growth, and create plans to overcome them.