About the Australian Centre for Business Growth

We provide CEOs, MDs and executives with the knowledge and skills they need to develop as leaders, accelerate company growth, and compete in a global market place.

Supporting companies to reach their full potential

Enabling CEOs/MDs to learn how to lead, manage and grow companies that create jobs

The Australian Centre for Business Growth was established in June 2014 by the University of South Australia-Business with Dr Jana Matthews, Professor and ANZ Chair in Business Growth as the founding Director.? The Centre has 12 staff and approximately 15 Growth Experts and delivers world-class business growth programs that provide CEOs/MDs and their executive team members with the knowledge and skills they need to grow their companies. The structured programs are taught by Growth Experts, former CEOs/MDs who have started, grown, and exited their own companies. The Centre evaluates every Clinic, Growth Ramp and Module; 95% – 100% of the executives and CEOs would recommend our programs to others who want to grow.? Every year the Centre collects data from companies that have attended our programs as part of a Longitudinal Growth Study of Australian Companies. In the year that Australia’s gross domestic product grew less than 2%, our companies’ average CAGR* revenue was 13.3%, CAGR* jobs was 9.3%, with 7% of the companies having a CAGR* of more than 50%.

*Compound Annual Growth Rate

About Us

Leveraging Experience from our Growth Experts

Our Growth Experts are carefully selected current and former CEOs/MDs who have experienced the full life-cycle of one or more growth companies. They teach and facilitate our structured programs and are passionate about helping you as businesses owners to learn what you need to know to achieve your growth goals.

Using their own experiences and insights gained through starting, growing and exiting their own companies, the Growth Experts review your prep-work, teach, facilitate discussion, provide feedback, and help you develop your company’s plan for growth.

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